Watch this video to hear how the FREE experience that is taking women in our world have been letting down their walls, navigating the voids of dating, and calling in deep & meaningful relationships...

This is for the woman who feels she's built up a tough exterior over the years but is craving deeper connections, more intimacy, and someone to truly see her. She has so much power that she holds in every other arena of her life that when it comes to dating and calling in a man that claims her, makes her soften and surrender... she freezes. It's like a foreign land that she hasn't quite figure out yet, 
But she craves it. 

Maybe you're like her too... (because I defo was)

You spent most your time building your business, which has been a whole bunch of hustle and doing and proving and... taking care of everyone else. You kind of forget what it even feels like to relax or have someone take care of you... better yet, someone that WANTS to take care of you (because modern-dating as kinda been a drag). 

You know your dream relationship is right around the corner, 
but you know there's an edge that needs to be addressed.  

The truth is... modern-dating isn't a drag. 

There are SO many good men out there just begging for you to let them in. 
Plenty of good men in your city, on the apps, who have good-paying jobs, love their mothers, and love planning dates, surprising you, and giving you the best orgasms of your life. 

PLENTY of good men. 

But it requires something of YOU... 

It requires you to take some responsibility, 
starting with the fact that you are the common denominator in every date and relationship that you've ever been a part of... (ouch, I know)

Then, it requires you to take off the armor you've built up around your heart, dismantle the projections you have about the dating world, and learn some solid skills that you can used DAILY for releasing your trauma (yes, we all have some), regulating your nervous system, and THE sexiest communication skills so you can get what you want without sounding needy or a like a mothering-bitch... 

My friend, it is TIMEEEEE to remember what it feels like to have passion & EASE lead your love life again (or for the first time ever) 

Maybe you don't quite know where to start, but you're willing to learn... that's why I know you're in the right place. 

How do I know?

Because I was you.. 
Laura Healing to Happy
Yes, I studied/obsessed over this stuff for the last decade of my life from studying psychology, to sociology, to communications in Uni and complimenting it with various certifications in nutrition, gut-brain connection, trauma, somatics, attachment theory, etc.. 

But it was my life that was the greatest teacher.

A life of big T trauma where I survived domestic violence, calling in narcissistic and cheating men, neglect, abandonment, addictions of varying degrees, eating disorders, chronic illness, and various mental health struggles... 

I climbed the out of the giant ass hole that my subconscious programming had put me in for the first 25 years of my life and began to know deep in my core that these things that I learned to get me out of there weren't just for me... 

It was for the hundreds of women that have come into the Healing to Happy world and have healed at mind-blowing speeds and have been able to call in the most extraordinary love stories, like.. the kind they have been journaling and manifesting about for years, too. 

That's why when I say I get you.. I mean I got you.. 

 I haven't seen anything like this in this space. 

I'm not just teaching you from the textbooks my left brain seems to be addicted to... 

But I'm sitting down next to you as a high-achieving woman that doesn't want the deep work to impact her work she's bringing to the world but KNOWS she needs to start addressing this and saying

"Damn. You're a fucking brilliant human that has already walked herself through so much. Now let's work on softening and shattering this survivor complex together so you can walk out of this as your most relaxed self in full receivership to call in all the most extraordinary date nights your mind can't even begin to imagine..

I got you, do you trust me?"
What you'll walk away with:
  •  A step-by-step plan from a trauma-informed lens that you can apply daily to help you soften, open your heart, and find that relationship that you can feeeeel is right around the corner for you.
  • 5 Day's of Audio Trainings + Downloadables From A Relationship Specialist where we're diving deep, covering topics that you likely didn't even know were getting in the way of the rom-com that you were writing in your head, and making it SUPER freaking easy to add into your day-to-day routine.
  •  A supportive community so you no longer have feel alone in your uplevel + 5 day of riffs from Laura to ask your burning questions and get real-time coaching.  
  • ​​A new sense of alignment and trust that brings a sense of peace, relaxation, and healing unlike anything I've seen in the relationship space.. We're talking big shifts at mind-blowing speeds babyyyyy! 
Laura Healing to Happy
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