Self-sabotage is just society's judgemental version of self-protection...
Healing this, heals your relationship dynamics
This program is not a dating program... this is the program that helps you heal your heart, resolve unhealed trauma and become an unshakable, SACRED woman that exudes strength, confidence, and magnetism.

This is from the woman ready to reclaim her heart. 

This is the journey of creating daily practices that are rooted in science and trauma-informed healing that will empower you to embody the love within so you can release the need to seek outside of yourself.

There is a reason the positive affirmations, journaling, therapy, and all the mindset things we think it takes to heal a broken heart and toxic relationship patterns that leave you feeling ​heavy, devastated, and crappy aren't working...

The nervous system doesn't give a sh*t about what you say, she cares about how she FEELS. Meaning, she needs safety and strategies to maintain that safety in order to heal. 

There is so much richness found within the in-between. 

This is science + soul + daily practices
  • It’s time to dial into our programming and rip the limited beliefs to shreds so that you can call in the deepest sense of love and belonging. 
  • ​Releasing the triggers and pressure of being single to create a new narrative for this season 
  • ​Our triggers are a portal for insight and can be used as teachable moments, not debilitating traumas. 
An intimate live program that supports the season of in-betweenness
So you can own who you innately are instead of trying to become someone that you are not.
This program is for you if...
  • You've experienced trauma and have a deep desire to reestablish the relationship you have with yourself so you can heal fully and change the narrative for yourself and those around you on how healing can be a LOVING space
  • ​You believe no one will love you as you are because of your life experiences
  • ​You find yourself wishing you would just find your soulmate already so that you can feel safe and secure but desire to change that, knowing that the relationship you have with yourself is the only way to call in the deepest loves
  • ​You only feel validated by being in a relationship and desire safety so you can reclaim your independence 
  • ​You desire a deep connection in your relationships, friendships, and community so that you can be authentic
  • ​You want to create an intimate relationship with yourself so you feel safe to spend time alone (and enjoy it!
Laura is absolutely phenomenal at what she does. She helped me in a time where I felt absolutely out of control and not connected to my body whatsoever. She taught me how to listen to my body
- Maggie
I'm so incredibly grateful for you, Laura! Thanks to Healing To Happy I found myself again. After so many years of feeling lost, alone and broken I learned how to love and honor myself, which is something I thought was impossible. Allowing my body and mind to heal has created so much space for more love, laughter, relationships, and gratitude in my life. Honestly never thought I could ever feel this high on life! If you're suffering with gut troubles and anxiety, Laura is your girl! Thank you, Laura for helping me find myself again 
- Tiffini 

Why it’s so important to find sacredness in this season: 

The level that you feel love for yourself is the level of which you can accept love. 

And it is our responsibility to reset the standard for what level our nervous system is at. We often get trapped in the terminology that we are "self-sabotaging" our relationships, but what we're really doing is self-protecting. 

One of our greatest responsibilities to ourselves during this time is to reestablish what it means to have healthy, conscious, and grounded relationships. 

And doing this within a group container allows for co-regulation to occur (which is the only way to get to steady self-regulation)
What this program includes
  • Two weekly calls led by Laura for the trauma-informed trainings 
  • ​Q & A's with Laura to have personalize support in how you can integrate this
  • ​Downloadables for integration between sessions 
  • ​Guided journaling 
  • ​Unique integration practices 
  • ​Supportive recommendations and lists 
  • ​A intimate group for community support 
  • ​& more...

your HAPPINESS is at your fingertips 
This is your invitation...

What happens after?
You will have lifetime access to revisit the videos as often as needed. I will only be active in the group for the 3-weeks but you will be able to connect with the other community members for support and access the guides and handouts. 
Is there a guarantee?
The practices in this program have been proven to work when you apply them correctly. I am here to provide the info and steps, it's up to you to do the work. 
What’s next?
Click the pink link below and enter your details. You will be sent an email welcoming you into our community and an invite to join our private Facebook community. Your invite will be 'pending' until the start date, which will be the end of March or the First week of April.. You will get an email with the schedule. There will be a module dropped daily and you can watch it on your own time. 
How much time will this take?
Each video is 30-60 minutes. You will then have journal prompts and steps to take to put what you learned to action. We will be having our live calls Monday's and Fridays

What if I don't have Facebook?
My suggestion is to create a private account for this course to gain access to the materials. No one has to know, but you will need Facebook for this program. 

What if I'm not single?
I freaking love you. You do not need to be single to create the most epic love story with yourself. I recommend this for anyone that is looking to heal their relationship they have with themselves to either call in love or revitalize the love you have. OR just revamp your self-love if you're not seeking a relationship during this time. It works at any stage. 
When does the course start and finish?
You will be emailed the schedule. Right now we're looking at the end of March or first week of April.  

What if I am unhappy with the course?
Because this is a live program with downloadables, all purchases are final. 

Let's find some ease again!
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