Sacred Singlehood

The program where you declare that the current rupture in your life is actually a gift and thus you're choosing to use it as a catalyst to change the way you are showing up in your life. 

Now is the time to heal generational trauma so you can liberate yourself from the triggers of the past and remodel what it means to love the people you care about most. So you can show up as your authentic self and rediscover who you really are without the triggers getting in the way. So you can fully fall on your heart without self-abandoning. 

This is a program that's complimented with a LIVE 4-week mastermind so you can have a high-touch mentoring alongside high-achieving women that are also looking to soften their hearts, heal their shit, and feel powerful AF while they do it. 

This 4-Week immersion kicks off LIVE in March 20

Watch this mini-training about Sacred SInglehood 
This program is for you if...
  • You've experienced trauma and have a deep desire to reestablish your ability to turn your life back ON instead of feeling like you're always running or chasing something  
  • ​You are ready to take radical ownership that you're the common denominator of every relationship in your life and you're ready to go ALL IN on up-leveling that so you can call in the most extraordinary matches (or reinvigorate the one you already have)
  • ​You are ready AF to stop the generational patterns that are showing up, so you can model to the ones you care about how to love fully and authentically
  • ​You find yourself having being able to call in matches but keeping them long-term or letting them in to truly see who you are and creating those deep and meaningful connections you're craving just isn't happening...
  • You're ready to step into your unshakable confidence so you can show up fully in your friendships, social situations, business, sex life and relationships
  • ​You can feel yourself burning out from your work and you know there's a better and more efficient way of doing things but the whole "woo-woo" vibe just doesn't land for you when you think of trying to explore your feminine 
  • ​You have some childhood wounds that you haven’t yet worked on or haven’t fully cleared because you've been worried they get in the way of your career but now, more than ever, you're ready to heal it
  • ​You're ready to be turned all the way ON about your life, your social circle, your relationships, your business, and yourself
  • ​​You have a business but you're having shit sex (or none at all), you aren’t seeing your friends, you are on the verge of burn out, you haven't quite found the consistency you desire, and you're stressed basically 24/7

A higher level of conversation is happening when it comes to relational awareness repair
Because right now, you're taking ownership over your life & relationships and you're looking for a safe place to do that in a space with people that will understand you 

This isn't a dating program, 

It’s healing trauma for the modern woman that doesn’t feel she has a safe place to find and explore her softness. 

It’s the mastermind with complimentary modules to help you become YOU again, without the lens of your trauma getting in the way. 

So you can a better leader, mother, friend, daughter, and eventually, a lover. 

And the truth is that it takes internal work, taking ownership that this rupture is your turning point moment to do the trauma, nervous system healing, and relational self-awareness work.

(And that this process can be deeply pleasurable)

I created this transformative container for self-discovery, healing, connection, creativity, pleasure, and intimacy. 

After years of struggling to leave a domestically violent relationship, to then creating an entirely new identity to prove I wasn't that girl anymore (and creating a trauma-bond to my business), to finally getting it right... 

healing the body, to heal the mind. 

To stop running and building and chasing unfulling relationships from a space of lack, 

And instead find the Sacred pause to truly heal the stored trauma in a way that felt doable for the modern CEO woman.

This is where the science meets the soul for my Type-A ladies. 

There's a reason the years in therapy and the sticky-notes on the mirror haven't been leading to the happily ever after... 

Because trauma responses, which are those patterns and habit that you thought you could outrun with enough business strategy programs, is in your nervous system. 

This means you have to get IN your body in order to release them and reprogram them. 

Talk therapy & cognitive behavioral therapy are great for your origin story around when and why your trauma occurred or why you keep choosing shit men or whatever happened in your childhood that has you reacting in certain ways, 

but this doesn't fix it. 

It’ll defo make you more aware, which can likely lead to you feeling worse and re-traumatizing yourself, which is likely why you've avoided addressing it until now... 

You cannot think, study, or "do" your way out of your patterns-- 

This is why in my world we go the somatic route (somatic meaning IN the body), so that we can heal within in weeks what you've been trying to talk your way out of for years. 
It's not about finding the one...
It's about becoming the one.
You have that choice, right in this very moment. 

Whatever you're going through, can you let it bring you back to life? 

To know that nothing happens by accident and in order to change the pattern that you see coming up in your life and relationships, you have to take responsibility.

Responsibility that you are the common denominator in every relationship that you've ever had but instead of playing that pattern out for another generation, you get to change it.

This hybrid program is for the woman that knows that in order to get and maintain her next level she needs to reconnect to her body, release her trauma, and clean up her relationship energy leaks. 

This is for the woman that's ready to change the narrative around high-achieving women having to choose between relationships and business. 

This is for the one that's felt her pain and created something extraordinary from it but knows she needs to slow down and truly heal the patterns she keeps showing up (likely the feast and famine mentality and the toxic relationship patterns)

This is for the one that wants to feel in her feminine-- to relax, to receive, to be (and as a result call in more of what's in alignment to her). She desires to soften but doesn't know where to start because, since her early years, she's been in survival. 

This is for the left-brain woman that wants the science beyond the woo (although she knows it's a vibe, it just doesn't quite land with her yet)-- a place where she can truly come as herself and heal the walls she's built up from an inside-out approach. 

This program is for the woman that's looking to soften for her man but keep the savage that runs her business alive. 

This is for the one that knows her love is right around the corner and knows there are some loose ends she wants to tidy up to be ready-- the fear vulnerability, the insecurities, the avoidance of true intimacy, the resentments left unhealed, etc. 

This is for that special woman that's two freaking feet in and looking to walk alongside women that are willing to do the same and keep each other accountable-- I'm talking real accountability where they're open and vulnerable and looking to heal this shit once and for all so they can have the life they know is meant for them. 

To change the narrative around modern dating, business, and sustainable relationships. 

This is for the one. 

The one that wants more. 
The one that is ready for more. 
The one that's ready to do what it takes to call in more. 

This is for the one that knows she can have everything she wants-- the business, the health, AND the love. 

And she refuses to settle for anything less. 

There is so much richness found within the in-between. 

What our previous clients have said...
I don't know how I can ever thank you in a way that demonstrates the magnitude of my thanks for you. You are the best! I feel ready to take steps to creep out of the dark, the restricting, control, fear...and start a new life. I've been restricting everything, from body, heart, and soul, practically my entire life, and you've encouraged me to see that and be bold enough to step out of the boundaries. 
- Sacred Singlehood Client 
A few months ago, you addressed one of my questions about how to have a relationship with my daughter and my fears regarding her choices (even her potential to make life-threatening choices). You mentioned codependency and loving detachment. I cannot thank you enough for speaking so honestly and directly about these issues. It was so scary, but I have taken your advice about loving detachment. And, I just wanted to let you know that things are going very well between us. We have a more open relationship now. And, without me hovering/controlling around her, she has stepped up to her own life and is making more responsible, life-giving choices. And, I am happier living my life as well. So, thank you for your courage to directly and honestly speak about such a tender subject.
- Sacred Singlehood Client 

Why it’s so important to find sacredness in this season: 

The level that you feel love for yourself is the level of which you can accept love. 

And it is our responsibility to reset the standard for what level our nervous system is at. We often get trapped in the terminology that we are "self-sabotaging" our relationships, but what we're really doing is self-protecting. 

One of our greatest responsibilities to ourselves during this time is to reestablish what it means to have healthy, conscious, and grounded relationships. 

And doing this within a group container allows for co-regulation to occur (which is the only way to get to steady self-regulation)
What this program includes
  • ​A private Telegram group that you'll have access to for 4-weeks where Laura will be doing LIVE coaching to make sure every piece gets the support you need 
  • ​Pre-recorded modules with Laura for the trauma-informed trainings to work through your blockages using unique approaches
  • ​Q & A's with Laura to have personalize support in how you can integrate this
  • ​Downloadables for integration between sessions 
  • ​Guided journaling 
  • ​Unique integration practices 
  • ​Supportive recommendations and lists 
  • ​A intimate group for community support inside Telegram for the mastermind aspect
  • ​& more...

Healing your trauma means
Creating your dream life

How much time will this take?
Each video is 60 minutes. You will then have journal prompts and steps to take to put what you learned to action. We will be having our live calls Tuesdays and Thursdays

What if I can't make it live?
There are various times, so I recommend trying to work it in BUT no worries. You have access to replays and you can email me and my team to get your questions answered.. BUT live vibes are 100% a vibe. 

What if I'm not single?
I freaking love you. You do not need to be single to create the most epic love story with yourself. I recommend this for anyone that is looking to heal their relationship they have with themselves to either call in love or revitalize the love you have. OR just revamp your self-love if you're not seeking a relationship during this time. It works at any stage. 
When does the course start and finish?
You will be emailed the schedule. Right now we're looking at September 6th. 

What if I am unhappy with the course?
Because this is a live program with downloadables, all purchases are final. 

It’s time to start understanding the self in love
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