Accelerated Alignment Mentoship

A Renaissance of Grace and Passion

This is for the type of woman who doesn't want to only be remembered because of her success, but for how deeply she loved. 
How passionately she lived. For the woman that has built her success and is now ready to share it with someone or someone that's building her success and wants someone to go on the journey with her. 

How to create the relationship of your dreams alongside your business growth

It's time to make a mark:

This isn’t for anyone that wants to stay in their comfort zones or play small. 
This isn’t for the person that’s looking to be spoon fed a secret 6-step formula so they can bypass the actual work. 

This is for the woman that wants to go deep and ready to quantum leap mind, body, soul (alongside the business). 

Because it's ok to be sexy. 
It's ok to be wealthy. 
It's ok to be spiritually aligned. 
It's ok to seductive, magnetic, and luxurious

What you can expect: A Relationship Rebrand

Reprogram relationship blocks to call in your love story, soften into the feminine without losing that savage masculine, creating sexy polarity in your relationships, uplevel your style and confidence, call in a man that leads you, create a lasting impact that's ICONIC, rest more, laugh deeper, bringing more joy and pleasure to your life, bring more creativity into your work, heal chronic health issues.

and more... 
Laura Patricia Martin is a Trauma and Relationship Specialist and founder of Healing to Happy. 

This global movement is taking the world by storm as it liberates the modern woman to step into her relaxed feminine energy and allows the man to step into his leadership without the triggers of their past. 

It happens at quantum speed. It doesn’t even really make sense… until you’re in it. 

She’s here to change the way we date, communicate, and connect in this modern world. 

We focus on healing the regulating the nervous system, reclaiming their femininity, and living a life of PLEASURE. 
Long story short: Healing to Happy ignites a fire for women so they can show up authentically with Iconic confidence. 

And if you're feeling the "but not for people like me" vibes, we got you because posing for boudoir shoots and standing on stages is definitely not where her story began either…⁣

It began when she was 24, stuck in an abusive relationship, avoiding the pain she felt from the unexpected loss of her mother, distracting herself with work to the point that she was 40 lbs underweight, escaping with drugs and alcohol, chronically ill, disconnected from her family, and sabotaging every relationship and only dating narcissistic and abusive men ... 

It wasn't until she took radical ownership over her life, did the trauma work (that went wayyy beyond therapy), that everything began to change... 

And as a result, a global movement of savages surrendering their weapons to find love and grow wealthy alongside becoming rich took off. 

The women that come into her work have gone on to make similar movements alongside finding love, stepping into their power, and revolutionizing their industries..

It doesn't make sense.. 
And yet, it does. 

It's unlike anything else we've seen in this field of work and will leave an imprint for decades to come...

It's Iconic.

Are you ready?

Here's what other women have said...

"I'm so incredibly grateful for you, Laura! Thanks to Healing To Happy I found myself again. After so many years of feeling lost, alone and broken I learned how to love and honor myself, which is something I thought was impossible. Allowing my body and mind to heal has created so much space for more love, laughter, relationships, and gratitude in my life. Honestly never thought I could ever feel this high on life! If you're suffering with gut troubles and anxiety, Laura is your girl! Thank you, Laura for helping me find myself again"
"Laura is phenomenal! I love her positive approach to nutrition, her creative, nutritious yet simple & easy recipes. She always has some useful tips when it comes to mindfulness and improving your lifestyle. And it all seems to come so naturally to her. She is a leader!"
"I was suffering from really bad insomnia and uncomfortable bloated feelings after most meals. I eat well and I exercise very regularly, and yet couldn't shake these nasty patterns that were getting in the way of my every day. With her help, I was able to identify what it was that was causing these problems and I'm now sleeping happy and feeling amazing!"

This is for you if... 

  • You're sick of the old ways of hustle & struggle when it comes to 'healing' and you're ready to take back control of your health & happiness YOUR way. 
  • You've being doing work on your own so far but you desire more feminine FLOW and EASE so you can feel confident, secure, and trusting within yourself and know that from that place your life, business, health, and relationships will thrive.
  • ​You're ready to create a life you want to remember (as opposed to just responding and surviving due to a dysregulated nervous system)... where all your desires, pleasures, and intuition lead you through. That means learning the steps it takes so you can lead yourself through ANYTHING (even a flare-up or holidays)
  • ​You are SO freaking ready to release any stored trauma and live a life that is BOLD and BRAVE... a life that makes you excited to jump out of bed in the morning so you can be the leader, partner, mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend you're meant to be
  • ​​You are ready to recalibrate your nervous system so you feel deeply empowered in your own healing so no matter what happens in your business or personal life you know you got your back.
  • ​You've spent time building your professional life but it's hard to show up confidently. You know you could eventually do it on your own but you’re ready to have hands on high-level support to get you there faster.
  • ​You are ready to work with someone that inspires you on all levels. Someone that has been through it, bought the t-shirt, and has found that secret sauce in creating a life that is balanced, feminine, and built on pleasure... 

What's Included:

  • 1 Hour Kickstart Coaching Session (Goal Planning And Action Plan Creation) so you can get clear on exactly where you are and where you need to go over the next 3 months 
  •  2x 55-minute Audio Calls a month so you can get personalized support, accountability, and action steps to take you where you are to where you desire to go. This is where you get that solo Q & A time + integration points.  
  • ​Personalized Resources so you have space to plug into between our calls. This is personalized to you and your goals (some may not need this part but hey... if we need it, we got it).
  • ​Unlimited Daily Voxer access (Written and audio messages, Mon-Friday (minus Wed's)). THIS. IS. THE. BREAD AND BUTTER. You know when you're out and about and need someone that gets it that you can talk to? This is that. Me in your pocket on walkie-talkie access. ... Honestly, this is where 99.9% of the breakthroughs happen
  • ​Access to ALL Programs and Masterclasses that are run during our time together (PS. you already have a program and you're like OMG I want this juicy 1:1... I got you. DM me to chat about this)
  • A personalized Welcome Kit because who doesn't love presents?! I like to start things off with a party so I'll be sending you a little celebration thaaaaang to your home so we can celebrate this moment of choosing transformation. Eeeeee!!!

The Application

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